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    Importance of a Business Website

    Today it’s very hard for a business owner to say they don’t need a website, because without one they are losing out on business one way or another. When it comes to marketing there is nothing more cost effective than having a website. If marketing is not a focus it can be as simple as having more credibility, or showing the hours of operation and a map with directions to the place of business. A website is not one dimensional, the ways it can help a business is endless and everyone can benefit.

    People no longer look in the yellow pages to find products or services most of it is done online, When people want to find anything they now Google it, Consumers may also view a business’s website before deciding to purchase a product and service, people relate a quality website with a quality and credible business. No one likes to be sold or pressured to buy something if they can do business online they will, or they can at least do their research before moving forward. If a business has competitors that have a website and they don’t it’s going to be a very big disadvantage.

    With a business website you are now open twenty four hours a day, and now have millions of potential customers in the US and billions worldwide. If a business sells products they can sell them online making money even when the business is not open. Selling the products online requires virtually no overhead besides the initial cost of the website and required little to no work. Why would a business not want to open their products and services up to the world?

    The cost and maintenance for a website and the money it can and will make for a business is no comparison. If a business is without online presence they are losing out on business everyday without realizing it. Consumers are on computers all day, they can even access the internet from their phones now. People can manage their entire life on a computer. Why would a business want to lose out on millions of potential customers? Hopefully business owners will see that it’s very soon going to be essential to have a business website in order to be successful.


    -by Rich Bonney

    Rich Bonney is the owner of Webcenter Designs, Which is a Business Web Design and Internet Marketing Company based in Tampa, FL. With over ten years of experience in helping Business owners create a successful Web Presence and Online Marketing Strategy. Visit http://www.webcenterdesigns.com for a Risk-Free Website marketing Evaluation.
    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Rich_Bonney
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